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Team Galactic is a Competitive Pokemon Battling clan that originated Miiverse, based on the main antagonist in Pokemon DPP. We primarily play Smogon format.
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 Well...I`m perma`d on my 3ds

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PostSubject: Well...I`m perma`d on my 3ds   Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:44 am

Well my 3ds is perma`d banned what do i do with my games like pokemon shuffle? 

LewisNinja is perma`d..... I`ll create a new acc soon ^^ ...but how do i keep my Pokemon shuffle, if i format MY SYSTEM MEMORY??? 

Man fuck the 3ds for only allowing 1 MV acc 
(I`ll get a new NNID soon/maybe)
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Well...I`m perma`d on my 3ds
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